Don Diamont stars as “Bill” on “The Bold and The Beautiful”

Caroline maintained her composure while Bill threatened her. Hope waited patiently for Liam to make up his mind about a future together. Katie began wondering if Bill’s drinking was impairing his judgment. Steffy begged Liam to let go of the past. Everyone blamed Bill after Caroline ended up in the emergency room. Rick tried to keep from pummeling Bill. Meanwhile, Bill turned to Alison for help in calming his nerves. Karen and Danielle arrived at the hospital to visit their daughter and were furious to learn that Bill might be the reason she was there. Wait to See: Hope tells Liam what really happened in Italy. Forrester Creations launches its fashion challenge.


Kate had some reservations about Nick due to his arrogance. Chad and Abigail shared a surprise kiss. Adrienne gave Will her blessing about his relationship with Sonny. John realized that Kristen was just as evil as ever. Nick was able to stop Gabi from telling Eric the truth about her pregnancy. Marlena told Brady that she would never accept him and Kristen together. Nicole and EJ ended up locking lips at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Brady and John got into a fistfight after arguing about Kristen. Sami and Rafe were both rocked by the kiss they shared. Will confronted Nick about his homophobic comment. Nicole was hurt when Eric wouldn’t open up to her. Wait to See: Wait to See: Brady says what Kristen has been waiting to hear. Chloe won’t leave Daniel alone.

The year 2013 marked the beginning of a new life for many. Starr was admitted to the hospital for a possible head injury after her fight with Connie. Todd escorted Carly to a New Year’s Eve party at the Haunted Star. Olivia was overcome by her premonitions. Spinelli prepared a romantic dinner on the rooftop. Connie wrecked her car with Trey, Kristina and Johnny inside. Todd and Carly put their past loves behind them and headed to the bedroom. Sabrina left Patrick’s side when Britt arrived. Johnny was led away in handcuffs. Lulu had an explanation for Olivia’s visions about the dog. Wait to See: Todd tries to bribe John. Connie tempts AJ.

Nick and Avery celebrated New Year’s at The Underground. Michael wondered why his son was so jealous of Jamie. Later, Fen told Jamie about how Summer bullied him online. Chloe was determined to steal her money back from Noah. Jack woke up with a hangover and a strange woman passed out on his floor. Adam told Chelsea he couldn’t leave town with her due to Jack’s inability to run the company. Jack finally agreed to seek help for his addiction. Chloe returned home with a bag full of cash. Noah received a text from Adriana saying that she was in Genoa City. Victor told Victoria that they had an opportunity to get their company back. Wait to See: Nick and Sharon honor Cassie’s birthday. Jack goes through withdrawal.

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