City offers reminders for heavy snowfall

DEARBORN – The National Weather Service has issued an advisory for heavy snowfall today. City officials have indicated they may declare a snow emergency.
Residents are asked to review city snow removal regulations.
A snow emergency may be declared when 3 inches or more of snow is expected over a short period. As of 3 p.m., no snow emergency had been declared.
Removing parked vehicles from the street every time a heavy snowfall is predicted allows crews to safely and efficiently clear snow.
When a snow emergency is declared by the city, parked vehicles must be removed from the street or the owners could be ticketed and the vehicles towed.  Police do not issue warnings.
Vehicles may not be parked across sidewalks. Generally, residents may park vehicles back on the street once it has been plowed curb to curb and no further heavy snowfall is expected. Crews may return to clear roads again if conditions require it.
Driveway aprons may become blocked during snowplowing operations. City crews cannot clear blocked driveways. Residents are not to pile snow back into the cleared street; discard snow on any public property, street right-of-way, sidewalk, alley or parking lot; or discard snow on another person’s property without that person’s permission.
After any significant snowfall, residents must remove snow and ice from walkways within 24 hours.
During a major snowstorm residents may hold trash and recycling for a week and put out carts again at the curb when the snow has cleared. Carts also may be placed on the driveway close to the curb.
Resident can check to see if a snow emergency has been declared via:, CDTV, snow emergency hotline at 313-943-2444, broadcast TV and radio stations, or messages, and the outdoor emergency warning sirens.