Eileen Davidson stars as “Kristen” on “Days of Our Lives”

Stephanie sent an important confession from the grave that changed the lives of many at Forrester Creations. Hope and Steffy not only competed to head up the next fashion line, but also for Liam’s heart. Thomas seethed with jealousy after witnessing the closeness between Rick and Caroline. Katie confessed to Bill and Brooke how she once envisioned them as a couple. Rick and Thomas competed to become the next president of the company, while Eric was named CEO. Brooke sought a promise from Bill. The Logan sisters reminisced about past family Christmases. Wait to See: Eric and Pam prepare for a Christmas without Stephanie. Rick is overcome with guilt.

Daniel was able to overcome his tremor to perform lifesaving surgery on Jennifer. EJ led Rafe to believe that his charms were working on Sami. Chad told Sonny all about Gabi’s past bad deeds. A heartbroken Nicole overheard Daniel professing his love to Jennifer. Later, Nicole broke down in Eric’s arms. Kristen encouraged Chad to proceed cautiously in his revenge against Gabi. Victor warned Brady that Kristen would always be evil. Rafe almost figured out that Gabi was lying about the identity of her baby’s father. As Brady appeared to be falling hard for Kristen, it was clear that Kristen still had an agenda. Kate gave Daniel an update on his son, Parker. Wait to See: Eric has flashbacks about his time in the Congo. Kristen shares a secret with EJ.

McBain flew to Switzerland to stop Faison from hurting Anna. Sabrina was eager to meet with Lucy Coe about the Nurse’s Ball. Sonny swore to Michael that AJ goaded him into beating him up. Molly searched Todd’s office for her lost manuscript. Johnny told Connie he was going to turn himself in. Trey surprised Kristina with a Christmas tree. Lulu feared that Maxie’s hives were an allergic reaction to the fertility hormones. Connie claimed that she wrote the tantalizing new novel. Olivia told Maxie about her premonition of the “wolf baby.” Britt propped herself up under the mistletoe for Patrick. Wait to See: Maxie is rushed to the hospital. Todd and Carly have a festive Christmas Eve.

Billy surprised Victoria with an anniversary setting reminiscent of their Jamaican honeymoon. Summer found some secret letters of Avery’s. Chelsea slapped Adam after she saw him kiss Sharon. Christine informed Paul that she was moving back to Genoa City to be with him. Chloe convinced Kevin to put the money he stole from Tucker back in the account. Jack lashed out at Phyllis after she accused him of being a pill addict. Jamie was worried that he would end up in foster care. Avery told Nick about how she cheated on her ex-husband. Chelsea revealed Sharon to be an arsonist. Lily noticed Leslie’s positive influence on Neil. Wait to See: Nikki and Victor set a wedding date. Jill urges Katherine to forgive Tucker.

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