1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is a philographist?
2. TELEVISION: Which actor played the character of “Fonzie” on “Happy Days”?
3. LITERATURE: Who wrote the children’s book “Matilda”?
4. GEOGRAPHY: What tiny principality lies between Spain and France?
5. MYTHOLOGY: In Greek mythology, what was the Hydra?
6. FOOD & DRINK: What is muesli?
7. ART: Where is the Uffizi museum?
8. MEASUREMENTS: What does a kelvin measure?
9. MOVIES: What spell is used to disarm opponents in the “Harry Potter” movies?
10. ANATOMY: Where is the latissimus dorsi muscle located on the human body?

1. Someone who collects autographs
2. Henry Winkler
3. Roald Dahl
4. Andorra
5. A many-headed monster whose heads could grow back if they were cut off
6. Breakfast cereal with fruit and nuts
7. Florence, Italy
8. Temperature
9. “Expelliarmus!”
10. Back

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