1. TELEVISION: What famous politician did Alex P. Keaton idolize on the show “Family Ties”?
2. MUSIC: Which 1970s song featured the line, “Jeremiah was a bullfrog”?
3. LITERATURE: What literary figure had a loyal companion named Sancho Panza?
4. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital of Iowa?
5. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What are omnivores?
6. LANGUAGE: How many letters are in the Greek alphabet?
7. ANATOMY: How many pairs of ribs does a human body normally have?
8. HISTORY: In which year did the U.S. space shuttle first fly into orbit?
9. FOOD: What kind of food is mortadella?
10. GAMES: What is the movable device used in the game Ouija to spell out messages?

1. Richard Nixon
2. “Joy to the World,” by Three Dog Night
3. Don Quixote
4. Des Moines
5. Animals that eat meat and vegetables
6. 24
7. 12
8. 1981
9. Italian sausage
10. A planchette

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