Finola Hughes stars as “Anna” on General Hospital.”

Bill revealed a new side of himself to Brooke. Steffy made a list of demands before moving back in with Liam. Katie threatened to leave town for good if Taylor let the cat out of the bag. Eric was called away on a business emergency while Stephanie lay on her deathbed. Katie was rushed to the hospital in what turned out to be a panic attack. Brooke took over Eric’s duties for Stephanie at the cabin. Rick and Thomas didn’t see eye to eye on the future of Forrester Creations. Taylor tried to get Katie to calm down during her breakdown. Eric tried to explain to Pam why Stephanie left town. Wait to See: Katie comes home. Caroline gets an earful.

Kristen tried to thaw the ice between her and Brady by thanking him for saving her. Kayla assured Abe that he was doing a great job raising Theo alone. Nick realized that he was in love with Gabi. Eric urged Nicole to apologize to Jennifer. John and Marlena argued over her paranoia about Kristen. Brady was convinced that Kristen was a changed woman. Later, Kristen showed her hand by “thanking” Marlena for falling into her trap. Lucas and Sonny agreed to get along for Will’s sake. Nicole startled Jennifer in the middle of the night. Wait to See: Rafe surprises Sami at work. EJ urges Chad to seek revenge against Gabi.

Robert slowly put the pieces together regarding Duke. Meanwhile, Duke and Anna were getting reacquainted. AJ realized that Tracy tricked him after he found Michael alive and well. Spinelli made his choice. Edward’s condition took a turn for the worse. Starr helped Michael work through his emotions about his parents. Sonny tried to get a court order to keep AJ away from Michael. Tracy intended to see AJ imprisoned and to take the house from Monica, to boot. Sam had a new theory about what happened to Jason. The Quartermaines honored their patriarch on Thanksgiving Day. Wait to See: Robert corners Duke at the Haunted Star. Molly reveals that she’s writing a new novel.

Nina announced that she was leaving town after catching Paul and Christine kissing. Neil struck up a flirtation with Leslie after hiring her as Jabot’s new lawyer. Sharon admitted to Noah that she set the fire at the ranch. Phyllis told Avery that she would never be OK with her dating Nick. Jack rushed back to work even though he wasn’t physically ready. Katherine faked a heart attack to see if Jill would call for help — she did. Devon rejected Tucker’s attempts at fatherhood. Jack surprised Phyllis with a kiss. Victoria struggled to reach for Eddie’s phone after he was shot. Chelsea warned Adam that Sharon was still in love with him. Wait to See: Nina breaks up with Paul. Billy worries that Victoria will find out he was in L.A.

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