James Scott stars as “EJ” on “Days of Our Lives.”

Bill escorted Brooke to Stephanie’s party. Eric had some surprises in store for the guest of honor, including a performance by Celtic Woman. Thomas got caught up in the excitement about the new collection and inadvertently made a move on Caroline. Brooke was stunned by Felicia’s announcement about Stephanie. Eric and Stephanie headed to what would likely be their final trip to their cabin in Big Bear. Katie learned that her plan for Bill and Brooke actually might be working. Rick told Hope that he was in love with Caroline. Brooke demanded that Taylor come clean about Katie. Liam asked Steffy to move back in with him. Wait to See: Stephanie reminisces about Ridge. Katie ends up in the hospital again.

Marlena found John and Kristen sleeping at the cabin. Nicole was stunned to see Eric Brady in Salem. Daniel and Jennifer rekindled their friendship. Sonny and Will worked out their differences. Kristen stepped down from her position at Countess Wilhelmina so that EJ could have access to Sami. Eric explained to Nicole how he found his path to the priesthood. Jennifer was skeptical when Kristen approached her like an old friend. Brady was injured while saving Kristen from a mugger. Jennifer convinced Daniel to enter a clinical trial to try to cure his tremor. EJ was confident that he was one step closer to winning back Sami. Wait to See: Kayla has an update on Caroline. Hope warns Eric that Nicole is bad news.

Carly was stunned to see AJ alive. Patrick was disturbed by Emma’s claim that Robin called her. After Carly had AJ arrested, Michael met his father at the station. Tracy had Monica and Alice charged with assault. Spinelli helped Maxie and Ellie on moving day. Lulu wondered how she was going to afford a surrogate. Sonny and AJ faced off at the jail. Robert Scorpio arrived in Port Charles to protect Anna. Britt bragged to Sabrina about how she was going to sleep with Patrick. Duke and Anna shared a kiss. Maxie told Spinelli that she still loved him. Wait to See: The Quartermaines honor Edward on Thanksgiving. Sonny is hopeful about Kate.

Phyllis and Ronan went on an awkward first date. Avery told Nick that he was worth the headache her sister would cause them. Chelsea was suspicious that Adam set the fires around town to take the heat off Sharon. Dr. Watkins diagnosed Sharon as bipolar and prescribed her medication. Lauren was worried that forbidding Fen from seeing Summer would backfire. Neil asked Leslie if she would be his attorney. Cane was thrilled to see Jill in Genoa City again. John’s spirit warned Jack to take a break from work. Billy feared that Victor’s machismo would get Victoria killed by her kidnapper. Phyllis made a toast to Jack over new beginnings. Wait to See: Katherine comforts a distraught Nina. Phyllis gives Sharon the third degree.

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