1. LANGUAGE: Variety magazine coined the term “oater” to describe what kind of entertainment?
2. MATH: What is the Arabic equivalent of the Roman numeral LXXX?
3. STYLE: What is the function of furniture called an etagere?
4. FOOD: What is the chief ingredient in caponata?
5. MEASUREMENTS: What did the Binet-Simon Scale measure?
6. GEOGRAPHY: On which continent is the country of Paraguay located?
7. MEDICINE: What is digitalis used to treat?
8. ENTERTAINMENT: Which humorist created the fictional town of Lake Wobegon?
9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is an aqueduct?
10. LITERATURE: Who wrote the novel “The Portrait of a Lady”?

1. A Western film
2. 80
3. It’s a stand with open shelves for display
4. Eggplant
5. Intelligence
6. South America
7. Congestive heart failure
8. Garrison Keillor
9. An artificial channel to bring water to a town
10. Henry James

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