Every Wednesday in November is Pizza Day

DEARBORN — “Pizza Days” are back.

The Dearborn Public Schools Education Foundation urges the public to support select Dearborn pizzerias on Wednesdays in November as a way to show appreciation for the businesses donating to the organization.

While the foundation recommends Wednesdays, orders aren’t limited to those days. Mention of Pizza Day is suggested when placing food orders on other days so the business can notice the impact.

Participating pizzerias are (all area codes are 313):

Dearborn Italian Bakery, 24545 Ford Road, 274-2350.

DeMarco’s Pizza, 24943 Ford Road, 562-6770.

Dino’s Pizza, 2801 Monroe, 274-1750.

Jet’s Pizza, 3945 S. Telegraph, 359-5387.

Jet’s Pizza, 23541 Ford Road, 274-2600.

Joe & Reno’s, 2311 Monroe, 274-9810.

Little Caesars, 18500 W. Outer Drive, 565-3505.

Paisano’s, 5511 Schaefer, 581-4000.

Pizza Papalis, 22022 Michigan Ave., 724-7722.

Pizza King, 22075 W. Outer Drive, 561-3800.

Pizza Kitchen, 15264 Michigan Ave, 582-8500.

Roman Village, 9924 Dix, 842-2100.

Sarieni’s Pizza, 3313 Greenfield, 441-1500.

The Education Foundation is a licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps enhance the education that students receive from Dearborn Public Schools through grants to fund technology, equipment and innovative programs not funded by the school district’s budget. Since its inception the organization has funded more than $1,500,000 in grants.