1. LANGUAGE: What is the meaning of the Latin prefix “demi”?
2. HISTORY: Who wrote the political book “The Prince” during the Renaissance?
3. ASTRONOMY: What phase of the moon is opposite of crescent?
4. LITERATURE: What was the real name of the author who assumed the pen name of George Orwell?
5. ART: What are the three primary colors?
6. MUSIC: What is indicated by the musical notation “estinto”?
7. GEOGRAPHY: What state lies directly east of Utah?
8. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the traditional birthstone for June?
9. MEASUREMENTS: The watt, a unit of electrical power, was named for what famous inventor?
10. ETIQUETTE: Properly speaking, who should host a wedding shower for a bride?

1. Half
2. Niccolo Machiavelli
3. Gibbous
4. Eric Arthur Blair
5. Red, yellow and blue
6. So soft that it can hardly be heard
7. Colorado
8. Pearl
9. James Watt
10. A friend of the bride

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