Michelle Stafford stars as “Phyllis” on “The Young and The Restless.”

Rick was consumed by his guilty conscience. Bill was devastated after Katie left him to raise their baby alone. Stephanie and Eric spent an afternoon reminiscing. Katie’s family began searching for her in Aspen. Thomas held his first official meeting as the new CEO of Forrester Creations. Rick was suspicious of Caroline’s new position of authority at the company. Stephanie and Dayzee shared memories of their brief but meaningful friendship. Steffy and Liam took advantage of their time together in Aspen. Taylor defended Thomas’ qualifications to his skeptics. Brooke was concerned about Bill’s mental state as he dealt with being jilted by Katie. Wait to See: Hope accuses Caroline of being shady. Katie refuses to accept her diagnosis.

Sami admitted to Rafe that she still loved him, but needed more time before she could trust him again. Lucas didn’t approve of Will and Sonny’s relationship. Daniel let it slip to Jennifer that he was in love with her. Kristin assured EJ that she had no ulterior motive in helping him win back Sami. Kristen slapped Brady after he wouldn’t stay out of her business. EJ was suspicious as to why Nicole changed her story about Jennifer pushing her. Will confronted Sonny about his past as a player. Kristen delivered a message to Kate from Stefano. Nick and Gabi fell hard and fast for one another. Wait to See: Abigail and Cameron discuss their relationship. Brady apologizes to Jennifer.

Connie begged for Trey to help her so that she wouldn’t be admitted to the psychiatric hospital again. Steve found Daniel’s paternity test among Heather’s belongings. Todd began to panic when Heather awoke from her coma. Starr and Kristina shared a bond. Lulu asked Johnny if he was blackmailed into marrying Connie. Luke showed up in costume at Todd’s Halloween party. Later, Carly invited Todd to go trick-or-treating with her and Josslyn. Lulu and Dante got excited over the idea of adopting a child. Maxie encouraged Patrick to ask Britt out on a date. Things began to heat up between Carly and Todd. Wait to See: Todd offers Starr a place to live. Emma answers Robin’s phone call.

Adam told Sharon that he felt guilty for leading her on a downward spiral. Victor was disappointed in Nick’s lack of ambition. Phyllis accepted Jack’s offer to work for him. The arson investigator found Sharon’s bracelet among the ashes. Neil and Harmony amicably parted ways as Harmony left town to be with her daughter. Jack faced an unexpected surgery that could result in permanent paralysis. Adam paid someone to set fires to vacant buildings in order to get the heat off Sharon. Victor ordered Billy to spy on Jack or he would tell Victoria about Los Angeles. Chelsea and Chloe found that they had a lot in common. Wait to See: Chelsea accuses Adam of cheating. Phyllis witnesses the closeness between her sister and Nick.

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