Bradford Anderson stars as “Spinelli” on “General Hospital”

Rick confessed to Caroline about his involvement in Liam and Hope’s split. Brooke found comfort in talking to Eric after her failed marriage to Ridge. Stephanie had a special gift for one of her children. Katie sought medical attention from Dr. Meade. Bill opened up to Brooke about his concerns regarding Katie and their newborn baby. Brooke received a disturbing email with news about Ridge. Liam sensed a change in his father after Will’s birth. Katie tried to utilize the tools that Taylor gave her. Eric and Stephanie reminisced about all the good times they’ve shared together. Bill was blindsided by Katie’s declaration. Wait to See: Stephanie decides to spread her wealth. Taylor receives an unexpected visitor.

Marlena was disturbed by Kristen’s presence in Salem. Daniel believed that Jennifer didn’t intentionally push Nicole down the stairs, but he felt guilty anyway and asked Nicole to leave town with him. Will and Sonny jokingly told Kate that they were getting married. Sami was angry that Rafe went out on a limb for Nicole by claiming to be her baby’s daddy. Sami was horrified to learn that Kristen was her new boss. Bo volunteered to accompany Caroline to California so that she could enroll in a new treatment program. Kristen promised EJ that she would help him win back Sami. John caught a glimpse of the Kristen he once knew. Wait to See: Daniel declares his love to Jennifer. Will and Sonny have a quarrel.

Sam thanked John for all his help, but explained that she was back together with Jason. Lulu broke down crying after she was told that she couldn’t have children. Felicia was upset for Maxie’s sake when Spinelli started seeing someone else. Todd was still in possession of baby Daniel’s DNA test. Jason never showed up to Sam’s as expected. Trey pushed Starr away after she tried to lend her support. Maxie was hurt when Spinelli acted indifferent to the news of her divorce. Shawn, Mac, Felicia and Alexis played a game of strip pool. Todd sought Diane’s help in delivering the real DNA test to Sam. Wait to See: Someone from Todd’s past returns. Connie has a run-in with Sonny.

Victor proposed to Nikki after their ranch was destroyed. Sharon had no recollection of setting the fire, but Adam assured her that he would keep her secret. Summer ran into Jamie, a teenager whom Ronan was mentoring. Cane blamed Genevieve for losing out on a promotion at Jabot. Katherine felt she needed to come out of retirement to run her old company again. Jack asked both Phyllis and Neil to come work for him. Phyllis overheard Nick and Avery’s laughter and assumed they were dating. Jack developed a severe pain in his back. Nick found Noah working as a bartender at the Athletic Club. Wait to See: Neil and Harmony say goodbye. Jack receives some sobering news.

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