Eileen Davidson stars as “Kristen” on “Days of Our Lives.”

Katie wrestled with her feelings of inadequacy as a new mother. Eric and Stephanie disagreed over a major family matter. Brooke told Hope the real reason why she returned home from her honeymoon alone. Steffy accepted the fact that a part of Liam still loved Hope. Bill asked Taylor to be Katie’s counselor. Rick felt guilty for causing Hope and Liam’s latest split. Caroline turned down Thomas’s plea for a second chance. Pam asked Stephanie for a huge favor. Thomas began abusing his power as the interim CEO. Brooke and Stephanie reminisced. Donna gave Thomas some constructive criticism. Wait to See: Taylor turns to an expert for an opinion on Katie. Thorne is hit with some terrible news.

EJ overheard Nicole admit that the baby she lost was his. Stefano was able to convince Kristen to return to Salem. Roman was devastated to hear that Caroline had Alzheimer’s disease. Gabi told Nick that she and Will used to date, but she neglected to tell him about their very recent one-night stand. EJ had the proof he needed to expose Rafe’s lie to Sami. Hope began researching treatment programs for Caroline. John had a premonition about Kristen. Abigail tried to reason with Nicole to tell the truth about the fall. Marlena was stunned to see Kristen in Salem. Wait to See: Sami confides in Lucas. Brady volunteers to monitor Kristen’s actions.

Heather fell from the hospital rooftop. Elizabeth was relieved to see Sam reunited with her son. Patrick confronted Anna over the rumor that Robin was alive. Carly tested Johnny’s feelings for her by kissing him. Meanwhile, Connie settled into her new life as Mrs. Johnny Zacchara. Jason waited for Sam to make a decision about their future. Starr confronted Todd about his role in the baby switch. Meanwhile, a devastated Tea was left to cope with the loss of her child. Duke surprised Anna with a kiss on their wedding anniversary. Carly had some tough questions for Todd. Alexis warned Sonny not to mess with Connie. Wait to See: Maxie tries to get Spinelli alone. Luke plans to expose Duke as a fraud.

Christine decided to sue Phyllis in civil court after the criminal trial was dismissed. Nick renewed his interest in Avery after filing for divorce from Phyllis. Michael began to regret taking the district attorney job. Jack fired everyone as he took control of Newman Enterprises. Summer was shocked to learn that her accident caused Chelsea’s miscarriage. Victor discovered that Sharon was to blame for losing his company. Billy was eager to work for Jack, but felt loyal to Victoria. Christine traveled to California to investigate Ricky’s past crimes. Victor collapsed. Wait to See: Phyllis confronts Christine about her lawsuit. Jack tests Billy’s loyalty.

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