Michael Graziadei stars as “Daniel” on “The Young and The Restless.”

Katie warned Bill that he could be facing charges regarding his dealings with Deacon. Donna overheard the conversation and vowed to tell Hope what really happened in Italy. Liam and Steffy’s romantic rendezvous was no longer a secret. Brooke arrived home from her honeymoon without the groom. Bill received the bittersweet news that he’d finally gotten what he wanted — Hope and Liam were officially done. Caroline and Rick fantasized about running the company together. Brooke met Katie’s newborn daughter. Everyone anxiously waited to learn who would replace Ridge as CEO of the family business. Wait to See: Rick and Thomas get into a physical altercation. Pam sets Donna straight about Eric.

Nick blackmailed Chad into keeping quiet about Gabi’s involvement in Melanie’s kidnapping. Rafe warned Sami not to trust EJ, but couldn’t give her any further details. Will was still hopeful that Sami and Rafe would find their way back to one another. Nicole overheard Daniel admit that he still loved Jennifer. Caroline encouraged Bo to take a leap of faith when it came to his long-term goals. Sam and Rafe shared a passionate kiss after realizing that they were finally free of EJ’s clutches. Sami asked Rafe point blank if he was really the father of Nicole’s child. Nick and Gabi shared a surprise kiss. Bo handed in his resignation. Wait to See: Stefano contacts EJ. Nicole takes a fall.

Sonny told Kate that there was something he needed to tell her after their wedding (that Trey was her son). Sam and McBain found themselves in the heat of passion. Maxie was hurt when Spinelli brought a date to the wedding. Tracy admitted to Monica that she wasn’t able to resist Joe Jr.’s charms when she was supposed to break up with him. Tea greeted John at the door only to find that Victor was missing. Starr was disillusioned by Johnny’s betrayal. Later, Carly had a meltdown in front of Todd. Steve apologized to Olivia for not believing in her premonitions. Wait to See: Duke makes his intentions clear. Heather feels cornered, which never turns out well.

Someone used Sheila Carter’s name to spring Daisy from the hospital. Danny and Christine shared a romantic reunion. Nina was appalled that Ronan risked his career for Phyllis. Daniel asked Heather to help him get a divorce from Daisy. Avery and Nick celebrated Faith’s birthday while Sharon remained behind bars. Nikki received her divorce papers from Jack and then met up with Victor to pick up where they left off. Nick vowed to make Tucker pay for the pain he caused his family. Sarge was hurt that Harmony didn’t remember him from Pittsburgh. Ricky’s knife was found, but had been wiped free of fingerprints. Wait to See: Chloe caves in to Michael’s interrogation. Nick and Phyllis have an epic fight.

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