Small steps make big ‘Difference’

Photo courtesy Patricia Diaz Krause
Beverly Vincent (left) and Paula Grimaldo put the finishing touches on a small bed of perennials they planted to spruce up an Arlington Street parking lot. Last month the two were recognized during a meeting of the Lincoln Park City Council for Making a Difference in the community.

Sunday Times Newspapers

LINCOLN PARK — A motto for civic enhancement as embraced by Mayor Patricia Diaz Krause holds that a beautiful city “begins with each of us.”

Last month Diaz Krause and the city council presented two residents who embody that slogan.

The Making a Difference awards presented on Sept. 17 to Beverly Vincent and Paula Grimaldo were in recognition of their efforts to transform a parking lot into something a little more appealing.

“About two years ago the ladies decided to spruce up the mud-filled corners of the Arlington Street parking lot,” Diaz Krause said. “Today passersby see plots graced with beautiful perennials.”

Diaz Krause said the awards were created to acknowledge people who have no expectations of recognition but take it upon themselves to beautify the city one piece at a time.

Recent efforts towards that goal included two “Clean the Park Day” outings of volunteers, Rotary Club members and friends pitching in at Memorial Park.

Last month the city explored the potential for becoming a Michigan Main Street community with a focus on downtown restoration; the former Park Theater, 1583 Fort Street, will be converted into residential loft and retail space courtesy of an $11 million investment by the Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency.

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