Becker Elementary teacher wins school supplies

Photo by Sherri Kolade
Kindergarten Teacher Diana Harb (sixth from left) sits in her new chair in her classroom at Iris Becker Elementary School Oct. 2. The chair was one of several gifts Harb received from OfficeMax during the surprise visit.

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DEARBORN — When kindergarten Teacher Diana Harb walked through the doors of Iris Becker Elementary School Oct. 2, she didn’t know the day would turn into one of the best of her life.

But that is exactly what happened when OfficeMax representatives surprised Harb by awarding her $1,000 worth of classroom supplies through the annual OfficeMax “A Day Made Better” advocacy program.

OfficeMax surprised the teary-eyed teacher with a bouquet of flowers, an award certificate, a leather desk chair and a box full of school supplies ranging from pens and pencils to a video camera.

Harb said she is still a ball of emotions.

“I was very surprised and excited,” Harb said. “There was a lot of emotions running through me. I was confused because I didn’t know how I could have won. Then I found out that I was entered and I’m very thankful.”

Harb added that she plans to use the supplies to help better her classroom.

OfficeMax and, a non-profit organization aimed at increasing opportunities for students, created “A Day Made Better” to help reduce teachers’ out-of-pocket spending.

Amera Kadiri, a secretary at Becker, 10821 Henson St., said she nominated Harb because, like the other teachers, she is diligent and dedicated in the classroom.

“I wanted to nominate the whole school,” Kadiri said with a smile.

OfficeMax awarded all 12 Becker Elementary classroom teachers with a bag full of school supplies; they also awarded the entire school with several boxes of school supplies, an act beyond expected, Principal David Higgins said.

“Everyone is deserving,” Higgins said. “Obviously we have an absolutely wonderful staff here.”

Kindergartener Sabrine AlHadad said she is happy her teacher received the award and recognition.

“I am glad my teacher won,” AlHaddad said. “I felt so surprised because there were so much stuff in the box.”

Harb said working at Becker is akin to working with family.

“It is literally a big family, very supportive,” Harb said. “The staff here is wonderful and the parents and the students are great. This is the best moment, besides having my three boys, of my life. I am very honored and it made my whole year.”

According to, since 2007, “A Day Made Better” and other OfficeMax Goodworks programs gave more than $18 million in grants and supplies to assist more than 29,000 teachers and their classrooms.

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