Lindsey Morgan stars as “Kristina” on “General Hospital.”

Liam and Steffy were finally together, but agreed to take things slow this time. Taylor urged Thomas to pursue Hope now that she was available. Bill turned to God as Katie and their unborn child’s lives hung in the balance. Thomas voiced his true feelings to Hope despite being committed to Caroline. Liam and Hope were drawn together by Katie and her baby’s miraculous recovery. Liam asked Hope for another chance, but Hope politely declined. Despite all she’d been through, Katie had some serious reservations about her future with Bill. Steffy swallowed her pride and vowed to make Liam forget all about Hope. Wait to See: Donna overhears Bill’s confession. Othello calls Rick out on his scheme.

Marlena urged Sami to focus on her date with Rafe and forget about his past with Nicole. Melanie was shocked to learn that Chad nearly killed Nick over a misunderstanding. Gabi confessed to Melanie about how she hired Andrew — and how Chad knew all about it. Rafe surprised Sami with a passionate kiss. Daniel warned Jennifer to quit snooping around in Nicole’s business. Melanie decided to visit her mom in Europe — without Chad. EJ blackmailed Rafe into breaking up with Sami. Gabi made a full confession to Justin. Melanie gave Maggie her engagement ring to return to Chad. Wait to See: Daniel admits he loves Jennifer. Bo wavers over a decision about his future.

Sam and Jason shared a kiss at the Chinese restaurant where they were once married. Kristina refused to annul her marriage to Trey despite her parents’ pressure to do so. Sabrina babysat for Emma while Patrick went out on a date with Dr. W. Sonny tried to summon the courage to tell Kate that Trey was her son. Carly warned Elizabeth to stay away from Jason. Shawn was surprised to learn that Alexis was once married to Jax. Maxie threw Kate a bachelorette party. Felicia advised Maxie not to let Spinelli be the one who got away. Sonny questioned Trey about his father’s whereabouts. Wait to See: Sam wrestles with her feelings for McBain. Someone is shot.

Victor was believed to be dead after the explosion at the warehouse. Sharon excused herself from her press conference after she was announced as the new CEO. Jack sold his Beauty of Nature shares to Tucker. Chelsea suggested to Adam that they name their unborn child after Victor. Sharon had “Victor’s” body cremated before anyone could find out that he wasn’t really dead. Tucker and Sharon planned a hasty wedding. Later, Victor surprised Sharon — and everyone else — by crashing the ceremony. Victor told Nikki that they belonged together. Katherine and Devon disowned Tucker after learning about his lies. Wait to See: New evidence emerges in Paul’s case. Danny tries to trick Phyllis into confessing.

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