1. LITERATURE: Who was England’s first, unofficial poet laureate?
2. MUSIC: Which musical group had a hit with “Penny Lane”?
3. MEASUREMENTS: How many meters are in an “are,” a unit of land measurement?
4. INVENTIONS: Who invented frozen food in 1923?
5. GEOGRAPHY: Which countries share the region of Patagonia?
6. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the traditional birthstone associated with July?
7. ASTRONOMY: The moon called Titan orbits which planet in our solar system?
8. HISTORY: In what year did Ohio’s National Guard kill four war protesters at Kent State University?
9. MOVIES: Which Disney movie featured a character named Dory?
10. RELIGION: Who is the patron saint of carpenters?

1. Ben Jonson
2. The Beatles
3. 100 square meters
4. Clarence Birdseye
5. Argentina and Chile
6. Ruby
7. Saturn
8. 1970
9. “Finding Nemo”
10. St. Joseph

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