Heather Tom stars as “Katie” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

Rick made himself cozy in Ridge’s office. Hope and Thomas got reacquainted during their photo shoot, which was arranged by Rick. Bill was proud of Liam’s new attitude at work. Brooke learned the truth about what really happened in Italy. To Rick’s delight, an angry Caroline confronted Thomas about his feelings for Hope. Katie vowed to protect her unborn child from Bill’s influence. Steffy received an unexpected visit from Liam. Bill was stunned to see Deacon in Los Angeles. Katie was rushed to the hospital in early labor. Taylor asked Liam what his intentions were toward her daughter. Wait to See: Katie fights for her life. Thomas gets honest with Hope.

EJ and Rafe got into a fistfight after arguing about Sami. Jennifer overheard EJ threaten to ruin Daniel’s medical career. Bo decided to quit the force after asking to take a pay cut. EJ insisted that a DNA test be performed on Nicole’s baby as soon as he is born. Will felt that he inherited his family’s curse and would always be unlucky in love. Nicole viewed Jennifer as a growing threat. Chad asked Melanie to leave town with him. Melanie realized that Nick was no longer a danger to her. Sonny was able to track down Will and do damage control. Chad misinterpreted Nick’s actions and assaulted him physically. Wait to See: Sami sees an incriminating photo of Rafe. Bo makes a final decision about his career.

Sam fled in tears after seeing Jason and Elizabeth’s kiss. Tea hired a new nanny, unaware of the person’s true identity. Kate’s other personality, Connie, emerged and realized that Trey was her son. Sam hastily signed her divorce papers to Jason. Lulu and Dante were interrupted while trying to make a baby. Sonny realized that Joe Jr. was really Trey’s father. A new nurse, Sabrina, found herself instantly smitten with Patrick. Tracy found herself succumbing to Joe Jr.’s charms when she tried to break up with him. Jason collected evidence to support his belief that Sam’s baby was still alive. Wait to See: Shawn questions Alexis about her with involvement with Jax. Will Sam overhear Elizabeth’s confession?

Sharon was reinstated as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Tucker got busy buying up shares of Victor’s company while Victor remained missing. Adam and Kevin butted heads over a business decision. Heather and Daniel took their secret romance to the next level. Christine was shocked to learn that Phyllis had a fling with Ronan. Heather broke up with Daniel after finding out that Daisy was alive. Paul was hopeful that Daisy’s testimony would help his case. Phyllis confessed to Leslie about how Ronan gave her an alibi. An angry dockworker led Victor into a trap. Wait to See: Danny Romalotti returns. Nikki receives an unexpected visitor.

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