1. MOVIES: What was the name of Rocky’s boxing nemesis in “Rocky”?
2. MUSIC: Which 1980s rock band had a hit with the title “Roxanne”?
3. HISTORY: Where did the Battle of Waterloo take place?
4. SCIENCE: What does a mycologist study?
5. TELEVISION: What was the name of the boyfriend in the “Gidget” surfing series?
6. COMPUTERS: What does it mean when you get the message “Error 404” on a computer?
7. LANGUAGE: What does the acronym “radar” stand for?
8. LITERATURE: When was “The Cat in the Hat” first published?
9. TEAM SPORTS: How many members does a cricket team have?
10. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago?

1. Apollo Creed
2. The Police
3. Belgium
4. Fungi
5. Moondoggie
6. Webpage not found
7. Radio detecting and ranging
8. 1957
9. Eleven
10. Port of Spain

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