Jane Elliot stars as “Tracy” on “General Hospital.”

Bill was overjoyed by the news of Liam and Hope’s split. Hope announced to the press that she was done with her “Perfect Wedding” fashion line — and her marriage. Thomas realized that Rick was trying to steer him in Hope’s direction and away from Caroline. Bill and Katie gave Liam opposing viewpoints on his love life. Rick’s plan appeared to be working as Caroline turned against Thomas. Stephanie gave Brooke and Ridge her blessing on their upcoming nuptials. Katie warned Steffy to give Liam a wide berth. Liam begged Hope for one last chance. Wait to See: Brooke and Ridge’s (seventh!) wedding day approaches. Hope doesn’t approve of Rick’s motives.

Rafe accused Sami of being nice to him because she needed his help for her case. Gabi almost admitted to Melanie that she hired Andrew, but their conversation was interrupted. Melanie barged into Nick’s parole hearing to give her testimony. Sami and Rafe found themselves in close proximity during a robbery. Lucas warned EJ that Sami would soon tire of him too. Jennifer found herself jealous of Nicole and Daniel’s friendship. Kayla returned to Salem as the new chief of staff at the hospital. Nicole found out she is having a boy. Melanie was devastated to learn that Nick was staying in Salem after being granted parole. Sami was annoyed by Rafe’s insistence that he fathered Nicole’s child. Chad proposed to Melanie. Wait to See: Rafe and Sami kiss. Gabi threatens Chad.

Everyone in Port Charles was getting sick from the poison except for Tracy. Elizabeth helped to bandage Jason’s wounds. Sonny found out that Kate’s son was still alive. Todd hoped to get enough money gathered together from the one-percenters of Port Charles in order to pay off Jerry. Maxie worked to try to decipher the notes that Robin left behind. Patrick spent hours in the lab trying to come up with a cure. While facing their mortality, Sam and Jason imagined what their lives would have been like if they had made different choices. Shawn and Alexis admitted their true feelings for each other. Wait to See: Carly receives a tip. Jason is determined to find out the truth about Sam’s baby.

Victoria realized that Sharon was stealing again. Victor didn’t recognize Billy in L.A. Genevieve admitted to Billy that she was helping Tucker hide Victor. The judge gave Sharon 24 hours to commit herself to the psychiatric hospital. Meanwhile, Victoria was named interim CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam was shocked to learn that Sharon spent the night with Tucker. Ronan told Phyllis that he was in love with her. Jack wanted nothing to do with Nikki when she returned from searching for Victor. Paul was released from jail. Lucy found Ricky’s snow globe and gave it to Paul. Wait to See: Chloe discovers Chelsea’s secret. Paul finds Ricky’s video.

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