January trial set for alleged killer

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK – A man accused of killing and dismembering an Anne Street couple will face a January trial.

After an arraignment on the information at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit Wednesday, a trail for Roger K. Bowling, 39, was set for Jan. 7 before Wayne County Circuit Judge Ulysses Boykin.

A final conference is also scheduled for Nov. 2 for Bowling, accused of killing and dismembering Chris Hall, 42, and Danielle Greenway, 32, of whom he had been a houseguest for about a month when their bodies were found in the Detroit River July 17.

Bowling had dated Greenway in high school and a former roommate testified during his preliminary examination that he and Bowling often talked about how they woud “get rid” of the women in their lives, with Bowling often threatening during those talks to “cut up” Greenway.

In an Allen Park Police Department interview with Bowling two days after the bodies were found, he said he was on a bike ride the weekend of the murders and did not know the couple was missing.

Bowling’s attorney, Mark. L Brown, pointed to a large-scale marijuana growing facility allegedly operated by the couple as a possible motive for murder by someone other than Bowling.