Suspects on the loose after gas station robbery

HEIGHTS – Police are looking at a surveillance video and for any evidence to help bring them closer to a pair of suspects accused of stealing $9,000 in cash on Aug. 25 from an employee at Mobil Gas Station, 19350 Van Born.

The victim told police officers that about 1:30 a.m. he was preparing to close the gas station and he had about $9,000 in his pants pocket when he set the alarm and secured the door behind him. After entering his vehicle he felt what appeared to be a gun on his right kidney area, according to the police report.

When the victim turned around he saw a man, described as white with reddish eyebrows wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a partial mask revealing his eyes.

The suspect ordered the victim back into the store and demanded money and the victim gave the suspect the $9,000 and they headed to the cashier area when the victim said he noticed a second suspect by the front doors. The suspect was described as wearing a black T-shirt with black pants and a full mask.

After the suspects took about four or five bags of cigarettes from the cashier area all three of the individuals went into the victim’s car, where the victim was placed in the back of the car on the floor and drove off; the victim said they were possibly headed east on Van Born. The employee said the suspects drove around for about 30 minutes and they ordered the victim out of the vehicle and took his wallet and cell phone.

The victim said he was dropped off in the area of McGraw and Lonyo and he then walked to a few people nearby and used their cell phone to call police and they gave him a ride to his house, where he called the police again.

Reporting officers found the front door of the gas station unlocked and noticed the cashier area ransacked.

Police officers continue to investigate.

— Sherri Kolade