Sebastian Roche stars as “Jerry” on “General Hospital.”

Bill tried to discourage Liam from reconciling with Hope. Rick enjoyed being the puppet master, pulling the strings in Hope’s and Thomas’s lives. After learning that Liam was now available, Steffy was surprisingly reluctant to pursue him. Thomas helped Hope move out of Liam’s house. Ridge and Taylor reflected on how their own choices have affected their children. Rick planned on convincing the rest of his family that Hope was better off with Thomas. Rick took advantage of Thomas’s absence by spending time with Caroline. Pam and Donna butted heads at work. Wait to See: Stephanie gives Brooke her blessing. Katie and Bill are at war again.

EJ warned Nicole that he wasn’t giving up on the possibility that he could be the father of her child. Melanie had mixed feelings about her former stalker, Nick, being granted parole. Sami decided not to jump in bed with EJ until she got her own life in order. Will found out that EJ really is a DiMera after all, but was surprised that EJ wasn’t eager to capitalize on it. Victor gave Brady his old job back at Titan. Jennifer and Abigail tried to move on with their lives after Jack’s death. Brady consoled Melanie after she had a nightmare about Nick. Jennifer offered to let Nicole live with her. Wait to See: Chad proposes to Melanie. Nicole learns that she is having a boy.

Jerry revealed that he was indeed alive and had a diabolical plan for Port Charles. Carly realized that Jerry gave Josslyn the injection in order to save her life, not to harm her. Jason was suspicious of Robin’s connection to Jerry. Ewen kidnapped Elizabeth. Todd confessed to Carly that Jerry tricked him. Jax wished that he could appeal to the human side of his brother. Tracy lay in bed with Joe Jr., having no idea of his connection to Jerry. Michael and Starr went to Vegas to put a stop to Kristina’s wedding to Trey. Patrick feverishly worked on an antidote to Jerry’s poison. Wait to See: McBain might have found a way to save everyone. Tea receives a surprise visitor.

Phyllis came clean to Ronan about how Tim died in her living room. Chloe gave Kevin an alibi for Tim’s death. After finding out that Ricky murdered someone, Avery was optimistic that Paul would be set free. Lily ran into a woman who fit the description of Cane’s deceased sister, Samantha. Jack had Nikki’s belongings removed from his house. Tucker planned to double his stock with Sharon’s help. Sharon fired Nick after he accused her of having something to do with Victor’s disappearance. Genevieve ran into Victor in Los Angeles, who had no idea who she was. Jack invited Kyle to move back into the mansion. Sharon began stealing things again. Wait to See: A surprise awaits Adam. Billy knows where Victor is, but will he tell the family?

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