1. FOOD & DRINK: What is French “pate de foie gras” made from?
2. GEOGRAPHY: The island of Madagascar lies in what body of water?
3. LANGUAGE: What is a similar way to describe a “ribald” joke?
4. AD SLOGANS: What movie was promoted with the slogan, “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water”?
5. HUMAN ANATOMY: What is the most common type of blood?
6. POLITICS: What longtime Ohio senator was known as “Mr. Republican”?
7. LITERARY: What famous author used the pen name “Boz” in his early career?
8. MOVIES: Which three actors have starred in major roles as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies?
9. CHEMISTRY: What does the “Ag” stand for in the chemical symbol for silver?
10. HISTORY: When did Queen Anne’s War (Third Indian War) begin in colonial America?

1. Goose or duck liver
2. Indian Ocean
3. Vulgar
4. “Jaws II”
5. O positive
6. Robert A. Taft
7. Charles Dickens
8. Peter Sellers, Alan Arkin and Steve Martin
9. Argentum, the Latin word for silver
10. 1702

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