Camila Banus stars as “Gabi” on “Days of Our Lives.”

Hope ran away from Liam after discovering that he had been partying with Steffy the night before their second wedding. Bill couldn’t handle seeing Liam demean himself any further and lit into him. Taylor opened up to Steffy about her own troubled romantic history. Caroline was impressed with how protective Rick was of his sister. Hope felt that she could forgive Liam if she knew for certain that he didn’t cheat on her. Steffy was convinced that Liam still had feelings for her. Caroline questioned Thomas about the time he dated Hope. Rick took it upon himself to make sure that Hope and Liam never get back together. Wait to See: Pam and Donna tussle at work. Rick makes his intentions clear to Caroline.

Nicole was ready to tell Daniel that she loved him. Gabi admitted to Chad her role in Melanie’s kidnapping. Sonny comforted Will after his run-in with T. Chad decided not to tell Melanie how Gabi betrayed her. Later, a heartbroken Will and Gabi turned to the familiarity of each other’s arms. Sonny refused to go to the police after he was beaten up by T. Sami and EJ were rescued, but Lucas acted like he couldn’t care less. Chad reaffirmed his love for Melanie. Maggie tended to Brady after the news about Madison. Melanie was shocked to learn that her stalker, Nick, had been granted parole. Wait to See: Melanie is worried about Chad. Nicole pleads her case to Daniel.

Sonny regretted not killing Joe Jr. when he had the chance. Trey admitted to Starr that his father (who was really Joe Jr.) had an ugly history with Sonny. Jason asked Spinelli to break in to Ewen’s office. Kate tried to redirect Sonny’s attention away from revenge by focusing on their engagement. Trey was hoping that his father’s release from prison would free him from having to marry Kristina. Luke was closer to finding out the identity of Heather’s accomplice. Tracy found herself smitten with Joe Jr. Carly turned to Todd for romantic advice. Olivia had some disturbing hallucinations. The citizens of Port Charles had no idea what lay in store for them. Wait to See: Jerry makes his list of demands. Carly comforts Jax.

Sharon announced to the press that she was CEO of Newman Enterprises. Avery encouraged Nick to get Sharon demoted by pointing out her mental instability. Abby considered buying up her own stock instead of siding with Jack and Sharon. Adam discovered that Chelsea was pregnant. Phyllis got Kevin to help her return Tim’s body to his own apartment. Sharon and Tucker’s casual celebratory hug turned into a kiss. Beth told the police about the salesman (Kevin) who was hanging around Tim’s place the night before. Victor met a nun, who directed him to a homeless shelter. Wait to See: Jack questions Tucker’s motives. Michael’s investigation focuses on Kevin.

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