Apartment fire deemed accident

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR – An apartment building was likely “a total loss,” fire officials said, but no lives were lost in an apartment fire near Eureka Road and Racho Boulevard.

Taylor Fire Marshal John Hager said the cause of the blaze, which began at about 5:30 p.m. Aug. 17, was determined to have been an 8-year-old boy playing with a lighter who lost control of the flame. The fire began in an upstairs bedroom at the Plaza South apartments, Hager said the investigation determined there was no reason to believe it was anything other than a tragic accident.

“He wasn’t trying to start a fire, it was the curiosity of a young boy,” Hager said.

The boy and his siblings are expected to attend a Straight Talk program hosted by the University of Michigan to stress the devastating consequences that could have happened.

“The building was a total loss,” said Fire Chief Bob Tompos. Response to the fire included crews from Taylor, Southgate, Romulus and Brownstown Township. Tompos said the fire caused a few injuries but nothing life-threatening.

Hager said the investigation was concluded and the building has been turned back over to the property owner. Residents were taken from the fire to the Community Recreation Center,and representatives of the American Red Cross offered care and assistance as needed.

The City of Taylor is accepting contributions for the families in need who were displaced by the fire. Contact the mayor’s office at 734-374-1449.