TOP TEN VIDEO, DVD as of August 13, 2012

Top 10 Video Rentals
1. Lockout (PG-13) Guy Pearce
2. American Reunion (R) Jason Biggs
3. The Three Stooges (PG) Sean Hayes
4. 21 Jump Street (R) Jonah Hill
5. Friends With Kids (R) Jennifer Westfeldt
6. Silent House (R) Elizabeth Olsen
7. Get the Gringo (R) Mel Gibson
8. Wrath of the Titans 3D (PG-13) Sam Worthington
9. Casa de mi Padre (R) Will Ferrell
10. Intruders (R) Clive Owen

Top 10 DVD Sales
1. The Three Stooges (PG) (Fox)
2. The Dark Knight (PG-13) (Warner)
3. Batman Begins (PG-13) (Warner)
4. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (PG-13) (Warner)
5. American Reunion (R) (Universal)
6. 21 Jump Street (R) (Sony)
7. Wrath of the Titans 3D (PG-13) (Warner)
8. Lockout (PG-13) (Sony)
9. Star Trek: The Next Generation — Season 1 (PG) (Paramount)
10. Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol (PG-13) (Paramount)

Source: Rentrak Corp.
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