Adam Gregory stars as “Thomas” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

Thomas and Caroline’s relationship continued to blossom. Steffy was determined to have a good time with Liam before his wedding to Hope. Stephanie told Hope that she had her doubts about having the ceremony at the Forrester mansion. Katie had some tough questions for Bill about Deacon. Hope failed to show up to dinner with Liam because she was helping Stephanie tend to a health crisis. Steffy swooped in and took Liam out for a night on the town. Wait to See: A newly tattooed Liam stumbles his way to his nuptials. Caroline questions Rick about his interest in Hope.

Many Salemites were injured in the explosion, including Lucas, who tried to summon the strength to look for Sami. Andrew escaped while Chad assisted Gabi with her injuries. Madison was left feeling jilted at the altar while Brady was trapped in the rubble. Ian took advantage of Brady’s absence and told Madison that he loved her and not Kate. Jack had to overcome his PTSD symptoms to save his daughter, Abigail. Nicole began having excruciating preterm labor pains as Daniel stood by helplessly. Kate felt betrayed after Ian admitted that he used her to get rid of Stefano. Chad saw Melanie and Brady sharing a comforting embrace. Nicole was relieved to learn that her baby would be OK. Wait to See: Andrew confesses. Bo discovers that Ian is hiding something.

Sonny asked Kate to marry him. Carly was distraught to find that Josslyn was missing. Sam and Jason made the heartbreaking decision to end their marriage. Dante and Lulu were ecstatic to learn that they were expecting. Luke told Steve that his mother had an accomplice. Josslyn and Alexis both came down with mysterious medical ailments. Starr didn’t understand why Trey was keeping his father’s incarceration a secret. Patrick was determined to cope with Robin’s death without the use of drugs. Shawn found out that Alexis had a crush on him. Johnny feared that Josslyn was paying for his past mistakes. Wait to See: Trey receives a surprise visitor. Anna is close to finding Robin.

Daniel kissed Heather after she tried to break up with him. Avery told Phyllis to stop interfering with other people’s relationships. Lauren wanted to tell the police that the gun Paul was accused of using was hers. Cane demanded that Genevieve tell him everything she knew about his sister’s death. Neal and Harmony went on another date, which ended with a kiss. Nikki asked Jack if they could postpone their honeymoon until Victor was found. Needless to say, this didn’t go over well with Jack. Victor was hiding as a homeless person in Los Angeles, working at the docks. Phyllis invited Tim over to her house while Nick was gone. Wait to See: Victor gets a helping hand from a nun. Sharon makes a play for Newman Enterprises.

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