Police investigate connection between attempted burglaries

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR — Several home invasions prompted increased police patrols on Huron Street and investigators are looking into a possible connection between the burglaries.

At least three break-ins were reported on Aug. 3 as having taken place in the 7900 block of Huron, and homes in the 7900 and 7700 blocks reported having windows removed. Not every house was burglarized, according to police reports; the owner of a house in the 7900 block reported having a TV stolen after someone pried open a side door.

Also in the 7900 block a resident told police that someone knocked on his door at about 6:30 p.m. and asked for “John,” although no one by that name lived at the house. Later the homeowner discovered window screens removed.

Police Cdmr. Mary Sclabassi said that the attempted burglaries were being investigated, and that additional patrols drove through the neighborhood in the wake of the incidents.

Further north in the city, two burglaries were reported in the 22000 block of Century Drive. The first call came in to police shortly before 5 a.m., when a resident returned home and found the front door had been kicked in and that a laptop computer, digital camera and TV were taken. A TV and video game system were reported stolen from another home that afternoon after someone pried open a screen window.

About 4 a.m. Saturday, a similar burglary hit a house in the 5800 block of Silvia Avenue

A resident told police that she heard noises and saw a blue van parked nearby and a man in her front yard. Police noted that a window had been pried open.

Police advise residents to make sure that doors are secured, in spite of summer temptations to leave windows open with only screens in place.

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