Old timer in love with golf at Riverview Highlands

Photo by Daniel Gretzner
Ray Pyle is a senior golfer at Riverview Highlands.

On a recent trip over to the Riverview Highland Golf Course, “Focus on Sports” was fortunate enough to meet an old-timer who loves to play golf every day.

Ray Pyle is pushing near the 80-year mark. However, he doesn’t let age stop him or any part of his golf game.

“I’m a yearly member of this Highlands course and play in the Tuesday men’s league,” Pyle said. “Since my retirement from the U.S. military, I go golfing every chance I get.”

He is a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars, spending 43 years in service to his country. Pyle, to this date, looks fit as a fiddle.

This senior duffer grew up in Wyandotte, where he finished his high school years as a Roosevelt graduate in 1952. Pyle now lives in Riverview, right near the Highlands.

“I can shoot in the mid 40s for nine holes quite often,” Pyle said.

This means that he is shooting fairly close to the 36 strokes that make par for nine holes.

Riverview Highlands, 15015 Sibley Road, is a course owned by the city of Riverview and has been part of the community since the early 1970s. It is a public course that has three nine-hole courses, making a total of 27 holes. These Highland courses each have a different color code: Blue, Gold and Red.

A number of Downriver and Dearborn area sports enthusiast have a passion for the game of golf.

“Age doesn’t seem to matter all that much,” said Pyle as he was putting away his golf clubs.

He, like many others, hopes for plenty of sunshine and bright, clear days. Golf can keep an older guy on the young side, they say.

Reservations and tee-time information is available by calling the Highland’s clubhouse at 734-479-2266.

Happy golfing to all.