Sharon Case stars as “Sharon” on “The Young and the Restless”

Hope wanted a new wedding with Liam so that she could completely erase her memories of their disastrous first one. Later, Liam and Steffy still felt a connection after spending the day together. Hope decided to move out of the beach house with her brother’s help. Katie gave Liam a piece of her mind. Marcus and Dayzee held a post-honeymoon celebration with friends at the coffeehouse. Ridge and Taylor reflected on their own rocky history and how Steffy and Liam seemed to be following in their footsteps. Once again, Liam was faced with an ultimatum — will he choose Hope or Steffy? Wait to See: Katie corners Bill about Deacon. Liam and Steffy go dancing. Stephanie has a health scare

This program was pre-empted due to NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics in London, so there are no summaries for this week. Wait to See: Ian pours his heart out to Madison. Melanie is shocked to see who is rolled in to the hospital. Abigail is trapped in an elevator.

McBain was arrested for striking Todd. Jason warned Ewen that he’d better not keep any secrets from Elizabeth. Trey ended the reality show because he said he cared for Kristina. Joe Jr. suggested to Johnny that they partner up against Sonny. Spinelli asked Jason to be his trainer so that he would look good for his online dating profile. Carly persuaded Todd to drop the charges against McBain. Jason confronted McBain about kissing Sam. Lulu wondered if she might be pregnant. Jason and Sam discussed the state of their marriage. Joe Jr. ordered Trey to step up his efforts to woo Kristina. Sonny planned to propose marriage to Kate. Lulu took a pregnancy test. Wait to See: Joe Jr. shares a surprising connection with someone in Port Charles. Todd and Heather make a deal. Carly worries about Josslyn.

Sharon got drunk after Victor left her alone on their wedding night. Tucker drove Sharon to find Victor, whom Sharon believed was with Nikki. Eden went under hypnosis to try to remember what happened the night that Ricky was killed. Without telling Nick, Phyllis cashed in Summer’s trust fund to pay off Tim. Sharon crashed Nikki and Jack’s wedding, where an angry Nikki shoved her into the pool to sober her up. Kyle put a stop to Eden’s hypnosis session after it became too psychologically traumatic for her. Christine was eager for the session to resume, hopeful that Eden could clear Paul’s name. Nikki finally caved in and agreed to help Sharon search for Victor. Wait to See: Sparks fly between Heather and Daniel. Phyllis is playing a dangerous game with Tim. Sharon forms an alliance with Tucker to take over Newman Enterprises.

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