1. MYTHOLOGY: What creatures are combined to form the mythical creature called a centaur?
2. LANGUAGE: What kind of website is named for the Hawaiian word for “quick”?
3. ETIQUETTE: What is the traditional type of gift given on fifth wedding anniversaries?
4. PERSONALITIES: Who was the prince who married actress Rita Hayworth in 1949?
5. RELIGION: Who is the patron saint of sailors?
6. MUSIC: What does the musical direction “sostenuto” mean?
7. TELEVISION: What is the name of the mayor on “The Simpsons”?
8. INVENTIONS: Who invented the artificial heart?
9. LITERATURE: Who wrote “The Armies of the Night,” a nonfiction book about Vietnam protests?
10. ART: Who created the “Vitruvian Man” illustration?

1. A human being and a horse
2. Wiki
3. Wood
4. Prince Aly Khan
5. St. Brendan
6. Sustained
7. Mayor Joe Quimby
8. Robert Jarvik
9. Norman Mailer
10. Leonardo da Vinci

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