Richard Steinmetz stars as “Joe Jr.” on “General Hospital.”

Liam tried to make things right after Hope asked him if he really believed in his marriage vows. Steffy questioned Brooke’s motives in asking her to come to Italy. Hope tore up her marriage certificate and told Steffy that she could have Liam if she wanted him. Later, Liam pleaded his case to Hope and insisted that she was the one he wanted. Taylor bragged to Brooke about Steffy’s selflessness. Brooke warned Hope that she was leaving Liam vulnerable to Steffy’s charms once again. Wait to See: Ridge and Taylor reflect on their own tumultuous past together. Bill develops a conscience about what he did in Italy. Liam pleads his case one last time to Hope.

This program was pre-empted due to NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics in London.

Johnny told Todd that he knew about the baby switch. Kate wondered what information Joe Jr. had on her child. Michael considered a life outside the mob. Jason offered to help Sam investigate Todd. To prove she wasn’t a cold fish, Alexis proposed a game of strip pool with Shawn. Elizabeth became suspicious of a phone call Ewen accepted. Lulu and Dante had a frank discussion about their marriage. Mac suggested Alexis ask Shawn out on a date. Trey felt guilty for using Kristina to help his father get access to Sonny. Elizabeth rekindled a romance with Ewen, unaware that he was keeping a secret. Maxie and Lulu discussed their shared concern for Patrick. Wait to See: Sam confides in her sister about her feelings for McBain. Joe Jr. makes an offer to Johnny. Lulu becomes ill.

Paul wondered if he was wrong about Ricky after all. Heather questioned Dr. Reid about his involvement with Phyllis 20 years ago. Ashley felt betrayed when Jack tried to oust her as CEO. Victor told Kyle about Jack and Nikki’s upcoming wedding. Abby offered Katherine a big check to make up for the donations she lost due to Abby’s kidnapping stunt. Dr. Reid demanded money — and affection — from Phyllis in exchange for keeping quiet about her confession. Sharon eloped with Victor to Las Vegas, where Victor presented her with a prenuptial agreement. Kyle ignored Jack’s phone calls. Wait to See: Neil and Harmony’s first date is a bust. Victor goes missing. Eden agrees to try hypnosis to help clear Paul’s name.

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