Lest We Forget

Photo courtesy Taylor Police Department
“They died protecting the American way of life,” Taylor Police Chief Dale Tamsen said of the fallen officers named on the Wall of Honor, officially dedicated on July 23. Tamsen said that Cpl. Matthew Edwards and Auxiliary Lt. Dan Kromer paid “the ultimate sacrifice” in service: Edwards was killed while responding to a domestic argument; Kromer died while assisting a stranded motorist. Also addressing the solemn ceremony was Police Cmdr. Mary Sclabassi, who thanked the many donors, residents and businesses that supported the monument with $50 bricks or $1,000 donations. Sclabassi said the Wall honors the partners, teammates and families of police, and represents those in uniform at the ceremony: “You are the thin blue line that stands between good and bad,” Sclabsassi said, “between right and wrong; between peace and chaos. Matt Edwards and Dan Kromer will never be forgotten. May the last name on this wall be the last name on this wall.”