Clinic mission continues with pit bull promotion

Photo by James Mitchell. Terra Muscat, lead veterinary technician at the PAWS Clinic, bonds with Oscar, a pit bull terrier. In August the clinic offers its Primp Your Pit promotion for the sterilization of pit bulls and pit bull mixes.


Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR — If the first year is the litmus test for nonprofit organizations, the PAWS Clinic passed with flying colors.

“I’d call it a success,” Executive Director Kris Jordan said. “We’re not here to make money, but we pay our bills.”

Since opening in September 2011 to provide low-cost spaying and neutering, the PAWS Clinic, 21210 Goddard, has performed about 4,100 procedures. Jordan said she would have preferred a higher volume, but the Clinic remained true to its original mission.

Jordan, a veteran volunteer and recent president of the Precious Animals Welfare Society of Michigan, founded the Clinic based on the Humane Alliance model and with grants from PetSmart Charities and Pepsi’s Refresh the World program.

As anticipated, progress was slow at first. Word of mouth took time to build, and special events brought attention to the clinic. Beginning Aug. 1, PAWS will offer its “Primp Your Pit” promotion to spay or neuter pit bull terriers for $20, sponsored by PetSmart Charities.

Jordan said pit bulls are particularly vulnerable to ending up in shelters and facing euthanasia due to a combination of myths about the breed, negative media and public perceptions.

Regardless of the breed, Jordan said that the American Veterinary Medical Association endorses spaying and neutering, and the procedure results in both a reduction of animals facing euthanasia and improved behavior and health of the pet.

Although the number of procedures for the year fell short of expectations, Jordan said she anticipates upwards of 7,500 in the next 12 months. For the past month the Clinic averaged 28 procedures daily, and the calendar is typically filled several weeks in advance.

Appointments are required for the Primp Your Pit promotion; space is limited and dog owners must mention the “Primp Your Pit” promotion when scheduling a procedure. The special is open to pit bulls and pit bull mixes. For information on this special and the Clinic, call 313-451-8200 or go to The PAWS Clinic is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.