Tasers approved for Wyandotte Police Dept.

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – Police here have a new weapon in their arsenal.

The City Council Monday approved a request by Police Chief Daniel Grant to purchase 10 Tasers from Taser International Inc. for $14,171.98.

The money is to come from drug forfeiture accounts, Grant said.

Grant said the devices, used in most other Downriver police departments, are more effective than subject restraint spray, or pepper spray, and are less lethal than other law enforcement weapons.

“Over the past few years, our officers have come into contact with persons who have physically resisted arrest and attempted to evade the officers by fleeing or committing an assault,” Grant said in a letter to the City Council.

“There are times when our issued aerosol subject restraint ‘pepper’ spray or impact weapons have not been effective and it has been proven for many years that the TASER is a very effective less lethal weapon.”

Officers are to be trained in use and safety for the Tasers; one officer is to attend Taser instructor school and teach all officers during their normal shifts, the letter said.

Tasers, an acronym for Thomas A. Smith’s Electronic Rifle, propel two small electrodes connected to the main unit at a suspect, where the electrodes interrupt the brain’s ability to control muscles. They are favored by police departments as they do not rely on pain and allow officers to maintain a safe distance while firing.