Joshua Morrow stars as “Nick” on “The Young and The Restless.”

Liam told Hope his version of what transpired between himself and Steffy in Italy. Brooke prepared for her daughter’s meltdown, standing by to lend her support if needed. Brooke realized that Liam didn’t tell Hope the whole truth. Dayzee’s friends threw her a surprise bridal shower. Stephanie tried to ease Dayzee’s concerns about Marcus. Donna told Eric that she had mixed feelings about Marcus getting married. Stephanie intercepted Marcus’s frantic phone call to Dayzee. Rick made it known to Caroline that he wasn’t giving up on her even though she was dating Thomas. Wait to See: Ridge discovers a secret video of Steffy. Thomas finds himself in some awkward situations.

Will finds Alice’s letter stating that EJ isn’t a DiMera. Later, Lucas stumbled upon the letter himself and pocketed it. Sami was determined to find a way to prove EJ’s innocence in his father’s murder. Nicole found herself thinking of Rafe while spending time with Daniel. Marlena warned John that Ian was bad news. EJ demonstrated to Sami that there was still passion between them. Gabi got nervous when the police found out the name of Melanie’s kidnapper. Sami found a surveillance tape that could help clear EJ’s name. Andrew left Melanie trapped in an unsafe tunnel. Wait to See: Carrie says goodbye to Rafe. Melanie makes a phone call to Chad.

Dante spied Lulu in what appeared to be an intimate moment with Johnny. Joe Jr. was determined to bring Sonny down. Todd got nervous after finding out that Blair was coming to Port Charles. Anna received Heather’s forged letters. Maxie was tearful after Spinelli was cold toward her. Steve refused to listen to Olivia’s accusations about his mother anymore. Later, Olivia found herself in danger. Patrick popped some pills at the grand reopening of the Haunted Star. Michael and Starr announced that they were a couple. Patrick believed he saw Robin. Wait to See: Ewen hopes to rekindle his relationship with Elizabeth. Anna receives some shocking news.

Nick walked out on Phyllis after she essentially confessed to trying to kill Christine many years ago. Victor told Abby that he could no longer trust her after she faked her kidnapping. Later, Abby had a passionate encounter with Carmine. Victor asked Sharon to move in with him. After being branded a criminal, Phyllis feared that she would never get to see her grandchild again. Sharon followed Adam to Kansas and asked him not to marry Chelsea. He politely told Sharon that he would always love her, but that his future was now with Chelsea. Phyllis was arrested for attempted murder. Wait to See: Cane is tormented by someone from his past. The search for Dr. Tim Reid intensifies.

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