1. GEOGRAPHY: What state is home to the most of the Yellowstone National Park?
2. TELEVISION: What was Norm’s wife’s name in the sitcom “Cheers”?
3. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a group of toads called?
4. PERSONALITIES: What 1950s television newsman signed off his broadcasts with the words, “Good night and good luck”?
5. LANGUAGE: What does recalcitrant mean?
6. MUSIC: What famous duo performed “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”?
7. MEDICAL: What common condition is known as cephalalgia?
8. INVENTIONS: Where were cross-bladed scissors invented?
9. LITERATURE: Who wrote the novel “Dracula”?
10. MOVIES: What famous actress played an uncredited bit part as a Halloween ghoul in the movie “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial”?

1. Wyoming
2. Vera
3. A knot
4. Edward R. Murrow
5. Resistant to authority
6. Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs
7. Headache
8. Early Rome, about 100 A.D.
9. Bram Stoker
10. Debra Winger (Nurse Zombie carrying a Poodle)

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