Police Blotter

Allen Park
Man beaten in drive through line

An argument at a Taco Bell drive through window allegedly ended with an assault about 3 a.m. June 30.

According to the report, two men were driving a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer through the drive through of the Taco Bell at 3333 Fairlane when a man driving a 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier in line in front of them allegedly jumped out and began yelling at them.

The man, described as Hispanic, about 6 feet tall and weighing 240 pounds, allegedly challenged them to a fight before charging the car, running up to the front passenger side and hitting the passenger numerous times in the right eye with a closed fist.

He also allegedly broke the passenger side rearview mirror off the Mountaineer before jumping in the Cavalier and speeding off.

The victim declined medical attention at the scene.

Change, ring missing
Change and a wedding ring were discovered missing from an unlocked vehicle parked in a driveway in the 10030 block of Balfour overnight June 30.

The owner said she left her yellow gold diamond ring in the center console of the vehicle, a description of which was not available.

Truck, trailers stolen
A truck and two trailers were reported stolen from a business July 1.

The owner of New Dimensions Enterprises, 24200 W. Outer Drive, called about 4 p.m. that day to report a 2001 Dodge pickup truck and two trailers were stolen overnight.

The 2007 aluminum Roadmaster trailer and the 1998 Continental fiberglass trailer were filled with landscaping equiptment, which was also missing.

House entered during absence
A house in the 4589 block of Larme was apparently entered sometime before 4:30 p.m. July 1.

About that time the homeowner called to report coming back to his residence about that time after a four-day trip to find his front door window smashed out.

It appeared as though someone had entered the house by reaching through the broken window and opening the door, but nothing was missing.

Unknown prowler surprises resident

A girl was home alone watching television when she got a startling surprise from a burglar about 10:30 p.m. June 20 in the 200 block of North Franklin.

Officers were dispatched after the girl called police saying she saw an unknown man in the family’s kitchen. She told police that when she was watching television she saw a figure in the kitchen who then turned around and walked east toward the front of the house.

The girl went to the entry of the front room and called out “who’s there.” After receiving no answer she called her parents and ran out of the house through the back door and ran to the neighbors’ house. The police officer who checked the house said the front and side doors were locked from the outside. The homeowner said he was out with his wife when he received the call from his daughter; he said nothing from inside was missing.

Thief possibly scared off by homeowner
A homeowner possibly scared off a thief in the garage about 4 a.m. June 19 in the 3000 block of Edgewood when she woke up to feed her child.

Officers responded to the house after receiving a phone call about 5 a.m. June 19 on a report of a homeowner’s garage lights turned on and their side entry garage door open.

Officers spoke with the homeowner who said he and and his wife were in bed around midnight and turned their exterior garage lights off. The victim said his wife woke up between 3 and 3:30 a.m. to feed one of their babies and did not see anything out of the ordinary. She went back to bed and then woke up at 4:15 a.m. to feed their other baby.

When his wife woke up the second time she noticed the exterior garage lights on and the side-entry door to be open. Her husband went outside to check on why the lights were on and he noticed an old, red tool box missing. The tool box contained two wrenches, six sockets, two pairs of pliers, a pair of vice grips and miscellaneous items.

The victim said the exterior garage lights can only be turned on from the interior of the garage. He also said that he closed his side- entry garage door but did not lock it. The homeowners said they keep their gate closed in the yard to prevent their dog from getting out. The officers did not see any damage to the side- entry door of the gate and other valuable items near the tool box were intact. The officers believe when the victim’s wife turned on the house lights the suspect was startled and left.

Dearborn Heights
Copper crooks strike again

A man told police his house was broken into and copper was stolen about 10 a.m. June 21 in the 8000 block of Colonial Lane.

A police officer met with the man who said his house is owned by the city and he checked the house and discovered the front door kicked in and copper pipes were removed. The victim also told police his front door was secured.

Man allegedly threatened at gunpoint
A man and his girlfriend were out walking to a store about 10:30 p.m. June 27, in the 6000 block of Town Lane, when he noticed a 1995 black Mustang parked in the Knights of Columbus lot on Garling.

When the couple returned from the store the victim said a man inside the vehicle pointed what he believed to be a gun at him. The victim said he told the man he called the police and went back to his house. The victim believed it might be a “hit” put on him. He was told to contact the police if the vehicle returns. The report did not say who might have called the hit on him.

Lincoln Park
Caravan stolen from driveway

A 1997 Dodge Caravan valued at $4,000 was stolen from a resident’s driveway sometime during the night before Independence Day, according to police reports.

A man called police about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, and said he’d parked and locked the vehicle in his driveway in the 1400 block of Philomene Boulevard at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. The vehicle owner said he had all the keys and that the Caravan was fully paid for.

Police investigated and were unable to find evidence of forced entry.

The Caravan’s description was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network.

Fire guts house; responders suffer in heat

The recent heat wave posed health risks for anyone who was outside, but battling a house fire Monday left six firefighters in need of heat exhaustion treatment.

The Fire Department reportedly responded to a house fire at about noon Monday in the 15300 block of Meadow Street. Seven Southgate firefighters responded along with members of the Allen Park Fire Department. Six of Southgate’s crew were treated for heat exhaustion by Community Emergency Medical Service paramedics.

The fire all but gutted the second floor of the house, and along with smoke and water damage to the first floor left the home uninhabitable.

No other injuries were reported, and the unknown cause of the fire was under investigation.

SUV stolen from apartment lot
An apartment resident in the 14000 block of Overbrook Drive called police Tuesday to report the theft of a 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer valued at $10,000.

The man told police he parked and locked the vehicle about 4:30 p.m. Monday, and discovered it missing about 7 a.m. The man had the only set of keys, and police did not discover evidence of forced entry or broken glass. The Traliblazer’s description was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network.

Vintage wheels stolen from street
A 1971 Buick was reported stolen from a curbside parking space on Chestnut near Fort Street June 30.

Police were called to the scene shortly after 10 p.m. The vehicle owner said he parked and locked the classic car shortly after 5 p.m., and five hours later discovered it missing. The vehicle was fully paid for and insured.

Police were unable to discover evidence of forced entry.

The vehicle’s description was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network.

Bikes bilked

Blinking garage lights and a barking dog may have tipped off a neighbor to a theft from a garge in the 18200 block of Reed Avenue.

The homeowner found two bicycles missing from the garage about 12:30 p.m. that day and his neighbor told him he had seen the lights going on and off and heard his dog barking that night.

The garage door does not close correctly. The homeowner said he would fix it soon.

Man dies in drive through lane

After several customers complained about the delay in drive through orders, employees at McDonald’s, 21421 Goddard Road, discovered an 80-year-old man had died in his car.

Taylor Police Cmdr. Mary Sclabassi said that the man, whose name was not yet released, likely sat there for 30 minutes before McDonald’s staff called 911 about 2:30 p.m.

Police reported that the man had a pacemaker, and it was unknown yet if he died of natural causes or due to a heart condition.

“The man had an extensive medical history, so there is really no way to say if a quicker response would have made a difference,” Sclabassi said. “When we get a report back from the Wayne County Medical Examiner we may have a better idea.”

Witnesses told police that the man’s vehicle blocked the drive through lane for some time, but that customers pulled around him to pay for and pick up their meal. Some were believed to have yelled at the man as they drove around. Customers told police they saw the man’s head was bowed, chin on chest and his eyes were closed.

Man injured by fireworks
At least one serious injury was reported over the Fourth of July holiday due to fireworks.

Police responded Wednesday night to the 25900 block of Beverly, where a 41-year-old man needed treatment after explosives partially severed his left thumb.

Taylor police, Fire Department and a HealthLink ambulance responded to the call. The man was igniting an unknown type of fireworks and sustained injuries to his hand and torso. The man was transported to Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center in Dearborn.

Police Cmdr. Mary Sclabassi said the man’s injuries were not life-threatening. No further information was available at press time.

Chair missing from salon

A leather spa chair valued at $2,000 was reported stolen from behind the Hair Forum, 175533 Fort, while the business owner was moving an identical chair to her house in Brownstown Township June 28.

About 10:30 a.m. that day, officers responded to the salon, where its owner said she had installed two new spa chairs and begun moving the old ones to her house, one at a time. She left about 3 p.m. the day prior and when she returned about 90 minutes later, she found its mate missing from behind the business.

Vandals set fire at school

Vandals apparently started a small fire on the property of Jefferson Elementary School sometime before 9 a.m. Monday.

At 9 a.m that day, a Wyandotte Public Schools maintenance employee found several telephone books set on fire on the loading dock of the school.

The fire was extinguished and no permanent damage was found.

Drugs found on woman
A woman found unconscious in her vehicle June 27 was arrested after officers found drug paraphernalia in her purse.

About 7:30 p.m. that day, officers found the woman in her car in the 2200 block of Fort “obviously on some sort of narcotics.”

While an officer was running her record, he saw her dump a pink purse into a garbage can in the parking lot. The officer recovered the purse, which contained several needles and a spoon with a cotton ball stuck on it.

Officers also found a prescription anti-anxiety pill in her pocket.

The cotton ball tested positive for heroin.

Call for break-in leads to hospitalization
A man was admitted to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital after officers responded to a call he had made of two men inside his house, which officers determined were imaginary.

The man called police about 5 a.m. June 29 to report the alleged break-in; when officers arrived, they saw him standing on the balcony of his apartment in the 4200 block of Seventh screaming inside of the apartment to “two men that did not exist,” according to the report.

He had broken most of the furniture in his apartment and thrown it over the balcony and was breaking glass when officers arrived.

Several other residents reported being awakened by his screams and officers said he seemed intoxicated and disoriented.

Several empty prescription pill bottles littered the apartment. Officers completed a petition to forcibly admit the man to the hospital for care.

(Compiled by Sherri Kolade, James Mitchell and Andrea Poteet.)