1. INVENTIONS: Who invented Lincoln Logs building blocks in 1916?
2. SCIENCE: What is the symbol for the chemical element tungsten?
3. MOVIES: How many von Trapp children were represented in “The Sound of Music”?
4. COMICS: Which comic strip features a character named Jon Arbuckle?
5. MEDICAL: What is the more common name for the involuntary spasms know medically as singultus?
6. U.S. STATES: A resident nicknamed a “sooner” would live in which U.S. state?
7. GEOGRAPHY: What state capital is located near the Kennebec River?
8. AD SLOGANS: What car company features advertisements that say “Drivers Wanted”?
9. GAMES: In what country did the modern game of badminton originate?
10. LITERATURE: What was the name of the caretaker’s cat in the “Harry Potter” book series?

1. John Lloyd Wright, son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright
2. W
3. Seven
4. “Garfield,” the cat’s owner
5. Hiccups
6. Oklahoma
7. Augusta, Maine
8. Volkswagen
9. India
10. Mrs. Norris

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