Chandler Massey stars as “Will” on “Days of Our Lives.”

Karen continued to struggle with whether to tell Bill about her relationship with Danielle. Taylor was suspicious that Steffy was hiding something that happened in Italy. Brooke tried to make amends with Steffy. Dayzee and Caroline compared notes on their double date with their beaus. Hope assured Katie that Bill was no longer causing trouble for her. Brooke tried to convince Hope to sever all ties with her father. Taylor was still insistent that Steffy not give up on Liam even though he wasn’t available anymore. While Liam and Hope settled into married life, Brooke discovered a secret about Liam. Wait to See: Marcus asks Thomas to be his best man. Brooke encourages Liam to tell Hope what really happened in Italy.

Will began blackmailing EJ after finding out that he wasn’t really a DiMera. Gabi was shocked to learn that Andrew was holding Melanie captive. After hearing her baby’s heartbeat, Carrie told herself she was committed to her marriage. Kate accused Ian of drugging Brady. Ian’s plan appeared to be working, as Brady found himself craving a new high. Cameron and Abigail’s relationship continued to blossom. EJ took Will’s suggestion to undergo a polygraph test. Nicole assured Daniel that she wanted him, not Rafe. Brady made a big step in conquering his addiction, but Madison didn’t believe him. Carrie admitted to Rafe that she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Wait to See: Chad finds Melanie’s bracelet. EJ is arrested.

Sonny accused Joe of being the one who hurt Kate, causing her dissociative personality disorder. Joe, in turn, shocked Sonny by hinting that Kate once abandoned a baby. Michael and Starr nearly kissed. Kate was stunned to learn that Todd was the new owner of her magazine. Steve found out that Olivia hired Spinelli. Michael invited Starr to be his date for the Fourth of July festivities at the Quartermaine mansion. Todd nearly told Sam about the baby switch. Anna questioned Tracy about the disappearance of Anthony’s body. The reality show imposed on Molly and TJ’s private party. Wait to See: Starr confronts Todd. Maxie has some tough questions for Patrick.

Abby admitted that she faked her kidnapping in order to get attention from the press. Victor planned on teaching Abby a lesson. Paul explained to the police that he shot Ricky — who then fell out of a window — in order to save Eden’s life. Meanwhile, Eden wasn’t able to verify Paul’s story because she had been unconscious. Lauren admitted to Michael that the illegal gun Paul used was hers. Chelsea celebrated her engagement to Adam. After receiving a mysterious email, Cane wondered if his sister Samantha was still alive. Carmine and Abby were arrested for kidnapping. Michael offered Abby a hefty fine and community service. Gloria realized that Anita might be right — that Jeff is Chelsea’s father. Wait to See: Phyllis’ past crimes are exposed. Neil begins courting Harmony.

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