Scott Clifton stars as “Liam” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

Bill insisted that he had nothing to do with Deacon’s presence in Italy. Deacon charmed Alison into revealing the rest of Bill’s plan. Meanwhile, Hope made a second attempt to walk down the aisle with Liam. Steffy couldn’t help thinking about her own nuptials with Liam in Aspen. Katie discovered that Karen and Danielle were partners. As Hope and Liam finally wed, Bill began to accept that they were meant to be together. Caroline began to get serious with Thomas. Katie had an ultrasound to determine her baby’s gender. Liam couldn’t keep his mind off the events in Italy. Wait to See: Brooke discovers that Liam is hiding something. Hope tries to make amends with Steffy.

Nicole found a box of bullets in EJ’s apartment. Rafe admitted to Carrie that he still had feelings for her. Gabi was disappointed that Chad was so consumed by the news of Melanie’s kidnapping. Brady accused Ian of drugging him. EJ and Nicole discussed what might have been. Ian offered to send Brady to rehab. Friends and family gathered to pay tribute to Lexie and shared a group dance. Sami hoped that Lexie forgave her before she died. Kayla was seriously considering divorcing Steve after he rejoined the ISA. Daniel and Nicole went out on a real date. Wait to See: EJ learns the results of his polygraph test. Ian has proof that Brady is lying.

Johnny told Kate that he could no longer help her figure out her past or it might jeopardize his relationship with Carly. Anna was forced to tell Tracy about her relationship with Luke. Heather demanded that Todd assign her the gossip column in his paper. Steve was worried that Elizabeth was falling for Jason again. Patrick went ballistic when he caught Maxie wearing Robin’s robe. Heather was furious to hear that Sam landed a job at “The Sun.” Kate had an important flashback. Michael was smitten while watching Starr record her new song. Elizabeth warned Sam not to push Jason away. Todd advised Carly not to trust Johnny. Wait to See: Kristina flirts with Trey. Sam watches the fireworks with McBain on the dock.

Abby caused a media sensation after she “Tweeted” from the trunk of Carmine’s car after pretending to be kidnapped. Adam told Chelsea that he really did love her and wasn’t just trying to make Sharon jealous. A scarf with Daisy’s blood on it was found in the alley. Later, Ricky was shown throwing away Daisy’s purse and other possessions. Michael told Daniel that he was wanted for questioning in Daisy’s disappearance, while Eden insisted that Ricky had something to do with it instead. Later, Daniel was arrested and Heather was assigned to the case. Phyllis insisted on her son’s innocence. Wait to See: Paul feels guilty after a violent confrontation. Lauren is on the verge of being arrested.

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