Swordsman sent to jail for assault

Sunday Times Newspapers

LINCOLN PARK — A 26-year-old man who attacked two teenagers with a sword was sentenced on Monday by Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Gregory Bill to spend the next year in the county jail.

John K. Maranian pleaded guilty June 1 to two counts of felonious assault after being charged with swinging a three-foot-long sword at and stabbing a teenager last month in the 1700 block of Morris.

Lincoln Park police responded to calls shortly after 9 p.m. May 8 and spoke with a small crowd of witnesses gathered on the street corner who said that earlier in the day Maranian threatened, chased and assaulted a 17-year-old boy and his girlfriend.

After the attack, Maranian sheltered himself inside a home with three other people, including children. Maranian’s parents soon arrived at the scene, and after a phone conversation convinced Maranian to surrender.

The 17-year-old suffered minor wounds when hit in the shoulder by a sword, one of three that police collected at the scene. Maranian was sentenced to one year in the Wayne County Jail with 40 days credit, and will serve three years on probation upon release.

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