TOP TEN VIDEO, DVD as of June 11, 2012

Top 10 Video Rentals
1. This Means War (PG-13) Reese Witherspoon
2. The Grey (R) Liam Neeson
3. Chronicle (PG-13) Dane Dehaan
4. Red Tails (PG-13) Terrence Howard
5. The Woman in Black (PG-13) Daniel Radcliffe
6. Contraband (R) Mark Wahlberg
7. One for the Money (PG-13) Katherine Heigl
8. The Vow (PG-13) Channing Tatum
9. The Devil Inside (R) Fernanda Andrade
10. Haywire (R) Gina Carano

Top 10 DVD Sales
1. Red Tails (PG-13) (Fox)
2. This Means War (PG-13) (Fox)
3. The Secret World of Arrietty (G) (Buena Vista)
4. The Woman in Black (PG-13) (Sony)
5. The Grey (R) (Universal)
6. Chronicle (PG-13) (Fox)
7. Underworld: Awakening (R) (Sony)
8. The Vow (PG-13) (Sony)
9. One for the Money (PG-13) (Lions Gate)
10. Game of the Thrones: The Complete First Season (TV-MA) (Warner)

Source: Rentrak Corp.
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