Shelter repairs to begin

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK – The city is preparing to start work on bringing its animal shelter up to code.

Councilman Bob Keenan said Tuesday that the city will soon buy materials using $5,600 in recently-donated funds left to them by the estates of former residents for the project.

The future of the animal shelter was uncertain after a November report from the Michigan Department of Agriculture revealed several repairs needed. Police Chief James Wilkewitz and shelter manager Kalin Turri appeared at a Nov. 22 council meeting to suggest the shelter be closed, as those repairs could push the facility, which breaks even with $37,000 in revenue each year, into the red.

After a review of the report, councilors suggested alternate methods of compliance, such as epoxy instead of sandblasting for the floors, and a shower curtain instead of a separate room to keep sick animals away from the general population. Those methods were approved and the MDA gave an extension for May for the repairs. The original deadline was in December.

The shelter’s lights must also be covered. Keenan said Allen Park Hockey Association members have volunteered to help epoxy the shelter floor. The city is seeking other volunteers and a date for the work is to be determined.

Keenan also said the city is in talks with Melvindale and Lincoln Park, who pay to send their strays to the Allen Park facility, to see if they will continue their partnership.

“We’re looking at different options for a shelter long term,” Keenan said. “It’s imperative that we find out what’s going to happen with Melvindale and Lincoln Park. We cannot continue to have an animal shelter in Allen Park without the cooperation we’ve had for the past number of years with those two cities.”

Anyone wishing to volunteer for the shelter repairs can contact Keenan at