Did he have a reservation?

Photo by Sherri Kolade
Adonis Restaurant 4853 Schaefer Road, received a special meat delivery package it was not asking for when a deer crashed through a window early April 26. The restaurant owner, Hussein Abdelhak, received a call from the Dearborn police about 7 a.m., saying a deer ran into his restaurant after breaking one of the window’s on the Schaefer side. “This has never happened before,” Abdelhak said outside the restaurant. “There is blood everywhere, he destroyed the hookah lounge.” The deer smashed into various places, leaving trails of blood behind. Abdelhak said he plans to have the restaurant in tiptop shape as soon as possible. The police tranquilized the deer — which had a broken leg — with a dart gun. Police took the deer to the Dearborn Animal shelter, where it was put down.