City responds to landfill questions

Sunday Times Newspapers

TRENTON — City officials are satisfied that residents are under, “no threat to safety” after back-to-back incidents at the neighboring Riverview Land Preserve amplified the troublesome odor wafting from the west.

Equipment failures at the site resulted in an increase of the methane gas smell that residents have been complaining about recently to Trenton officials. City Administrator Jim Wagner said that he addressed residents concerns at a previous meeting, and thought the matter was resolved.

Then, on, April 19, an explosion at the Preserve resulted in another round of odors and resident concerns.

“I told everyone that I was in touch with the County and that it looked like things would get better sooner rather than later,” Wagner said. “Then a week later they had an explosion. They’re lucky nobody got killed.”

Questions were addressed at the council study session Monday, at which Riverview Mayor Tim Durand made himself available to the mayor, council and residents.

“The City of Riverview is very proactive in notifying us and keeping us informed,” Wagner said. Wagner and Trenton public safety officials toured the Preserve last week and were satisfied that no health hazard exists for city residents.

Along with County and DTE Energy officials, Wagner issued a statement confirming there were no injuries from the explosion, the source of which is under investigation, and that the increased odors from the Preserve will soon begin fading.

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