Voter ID card attitudes often inconsistent

Guest Editorial
State laws requiring voters to produce proof of identity have been condemned roundly by the liberal community, including many Democrats in Congress and President Barack Obama.

It’s unfair to require a voter produce a photo ID, they maintain. What about poor people who don’t have driver’s licenses? And what about existing federal law on the Medicaid program, which helps the poor with health care expenses?

A federal law enacted in 2006 requires applicants to prove their identity, including that they are U.S. citizens, before they can receive Medicaid benefits.

Among proof of identity documents considered acceptable are driver’s licenses, school identification cards with photographs, state-issued ID cards with photos, health care records, and U.S. military cards or draft records.

Apparently some in Congress think it’s wrong to require proof of identity to vote — but see no problem with it when a person needs health care help.