By Fifi Rodriguez
1. ART: Which French painter is known for his depictions of ballerinas?
2. ANATOMY: Where is the hyoid bone located?
3. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is the only mammal that can fly on its own?
4. GEOGRAPHY: What is the smallest U.S. state in land area?
5. TELEVISION: What was the theme song of the TV sitcom “Married with Children”?
6. MOVIES: Who played the dad in the film “The Shining”?
7. ADVERTISEMENTS: What product did the first television advertisement feature?
8. HISTORY: Aside from Rome, where did the popes of the Catholic Church reside for a brief period in the Middle Ages?
9. PERSONALITIES: What actor got his start as a circus performer?
10. FAMOUS QUOTES: Who once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”?

Trivia Answers
1. Edgar Degas
2. Throat
3. A bat
4. Rhode Island
5. “Love and Marriage” by Frank Sinatra
6. Jack Nicholson
7. Bulova watches
8. Avignon, France
9. Pierce Brosnan
10. President Harry Truman

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